Chris Collins

Chris Collins is the CEO and Founder of Tipodean Technologies, a company focused on virtual technologies. Prior to founding Tipodean, Chris worked at Linden Lab (creator of Second Life), where he co-started the enterprise team. Working closely with the technical, product and sales teams, as well as directly with enterprise customers, Chris built the enterprise offering from initial set-up to launch. Through his work the company successfully integrated Second Life into Fortune 100 companies, the US military and a number of major universities and educational institutions. Prior to founding the enterprise team, Chris ran the Second Life Linden dollar Exchange (LindeX) and built several of the economic indicators.

Before joining Linden, Chris was the Managing Director of The Solution Base, a CRM software and consulting company in the UK. Chris has worked as a technical consultant across Australia, Europe, and the US; he has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the University of Western Australia. A native of Perth, Australia, Chris currently lives and works in San Francisco.

His specialities include; virtual world technologies, virtual Currencies, virtual goods, virtual worlds in the enterprise, education and military, project management, consulting services, development services, and social games.

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