By: Vincent Miranda 

Indie Ballet/Capital Dance Project

At last year’s TEDxSacramento event, a special self-choreographed performance was brought to life by the Capital Dance Project. Founded by professional dancers from the Ballet, Capital Dance Project brings to life a shared dream to create a dancer-run company that inspires the community throughout the summer time.

The performance is a collaboration of local artists, featuring musician Joe Kye and projected visuals by Matt Brown.  The way the music and dance come together and tell a story creates a sense of space and open-mindedness.

Let their performance and artistic expressions inspire you to discover your own new ideas to spread.

Acoustic Expressions

Another great music performance at last year’s TEDxSacramento was by Adrian Bellue, titled “Acoustic Expressions.” His melodies and vocal techniques create a unique environment that highlights experimentation and how it leads to new sonic ideas.

Adrian Bellue is a guitarist who uses modern approaches to acoustic guitar, harp guitar, and tuvan throat singing to create an innovative music and percussion performance.  He has shared the stage with musicians such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, and Craig D’Andrea, and he has been complemented by guitar masters, including John Doan, Thomas Leeb, and Don Ross.

The full range of low and high notes resonate on stage and allow for one’s thoughts to experience another range of possibilities.

Aerial Dancing | AirAligned

Aerial Dancer/Choreographer Tresa Honaker brought forth an inspiring journey and performance at TEDxSacramento 2015. Tresa is the Artistic Director of AirAligned Aerial Dance Group, an organization she started back in 2002, when she turned her vision into a reality.

The talk opened with rountines by fellow aerial performers in her group, demonstrating the poise and athleticism that is involved with such graceful choreography. Her group consists of professionally trained dancers who have received additional training in the aerial arts from Cirque du Soleil in Los Angeles, Ingrid Hoffman, Hollywood Aerial Arts, and Trapeze Arts in Oakland, and San Francisco Circus Center. In addition to performing, AirAligned also teaches students throughout Nevada County, Placer County, and Sacramento County.

During a rehearsal in 2012, Tresa was involved in a tragic accident when she fell from her aerial fabric and suffered a spinal injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. At a crossroads in her life, Tresa maintained a positive frame of mind and found a way to continue pursuing her passion, upon which she elaborates in this video.

She closed her talk with a solo performance using an aerial net, something she chose as her first piece of equipment to work on, allowing her to keep the aerial choreography alive. Her story demonstrates how one’s vision can thrive regardless of what life throws our way, when fueled by passion and the drive to keep moving forward.






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