By: Jacqui Sjol

Millennials.  The word itself can bring a slew of emotions to those who speak it.  The controversy that surrounds this generation is vast.  To some, they are the Peter Pan generation refusing to grow-up, the entitled and narcissistic future. However, others have a different perspective.  Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, an authority in the field of sustainable economic development and international aid, shared his opinion of the Millennial generation on stage at the TEDxSacramento 2015 conference. 

In his talk, Dr. Sirolli described Millennials as a magnificent, splendid generation.  He portrayed this generation in a way that was inspiring.  Whether you believe Millennials are naughty or nice, Dr. Sirolli’s insight on the generation that he believes will change the world might challenge you to re-examine this controversial group.

Dr. Sirolli compares the Millennial generation to the Victorian generation.  The Victorians invented almost everything that we use today, and Dr. Sirolli feels the Millennial generation will invent and re-invent everything we will use for the next two hundred years to sustain humanity.  He explains that his belief in Millennials came from shutting up and listening to them, a tactic he has used in his experiences in international development.

On the TEDxSacramento stage, Dr. Sirolli explained his frustration with parents not understanding Millennials and challenged the older generations to partner with Millennials to create and help fund the innovations needed to change the world.  How could a generation nick-named the Peter Pan generation ever change the world?  Maybe they already are.  The millennial generation is the one asking for Dr. Sirolli to teach his ideas on economics around the world.  The millennial generation is studying the obscure arts, like handmade shoe making, and reviving them in our economy.  The Millennials cannot be attracted to or retained at corporations who are not impacting this world positively.  Millennials are refusing to live like the status quo; they are pushing boundaries and questioning existing practices. 

Dr. Sirolli at TEDxSacramento2015

Dr. Sirolli at TEDxSacramento2015

Imagine the possibilities if we granted Dr. Sirolli’s hope for partnership.  Envision a world where the old generations guided rather than criticized the new innovators of our time.  If instead of negativity, we look at the positive attributes that this generation has. With the Millennial generation starting to dominate our workforce, what attitude will you choose to have?


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