You are cordially invited to gather with your fellow citizens to discuss the future of our cities, including our very own. We will be bringing in great thinkers and doers who are making great things happen in cities around the globe to share their ideas and stories. Such topics as art, education, food, housing, play, public spaces, urban design, health, safety, technology and transportation will be discussed as well as a series of calls to action for our city by local change-makers who are trying to make a difference.  

It will be a chance to be around people like you. People who give a damn. 

Dream me. Build me. Make me real.

TEDxSacramento presents TEDxCity2.0, an independently organized TED event for urban innovators, organizers, stewards and builders - with live speakers, streamed speakers from TEDCity2.0 in New York City, live performances, and the ability to coalesce around specific calls to action for our city. 

A night of urban inspiration.

TEDxCity2.0 will commence on September 20, 2013 at The Crest Theater in Sacramento at 7pm PST, hosted by Curator Brandon Weber, the two-session event will surface stories of urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe. TEDxCity2.0 will focus on how bright ideas turn into collective impact. 

Expect to be challenged. Expect to be inspired. 

Tickets are limited and normally sell out FAST.