We are excited to announce Emily Graslie will speak at the upcoming TEDxSacramento event, “This Changes Everything: WOMEN,” on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Emily Graslie. Photo by: Serri Graslie.

Emily Graslie. Photo by: Serri Graslie.

About Emily Graslie

A few years ago, if you were to tell Emily Graslie that she would skin a wolf, smell the trees of Amazonia, or discuss pangolins (bet you never heard of this mammal) on camera as part of her job, she probably would not believe you.

Emily is currently serving as the Chief Curiosity Correspondent for The Field Museum in Chicago, showcasing its collection using short educational videos. How did she get this awesome and interesting gig?

Almost two years ago, Emily began hosting the educational YouTube channel, The Brain Scoop, a witty and fascinating show discussing the world of natural history. Her subject matter is influenced by her experiences sketching specimen and exhibits at museums as an art student. 

In July 2013, Emily and her show relocated to the Field Museum where she is now responsible for sparking public discussion and interest around its collection. It’s not just her endless access to material that make her one of the most interesting female scientists and vloggers on the web, but her curiosity and strong desire to share science with others.

Emily has many ideas worth spreading – reinventing how society consumes, understands and approaches science in a digital age, and showing through example that girls can rook the STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering and math. We can’t wait to hear about them! 

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