By Lauren Herman

Four years ago, the CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, stood on the TED Stage to address the hot button issue of gender in the workplace, addressing in great detail why there are too few women leaders worldwide in almost every profession.

Many warned her to avoid the topic, not just as a leader of a Fortune 500 company, but also as a woman.  She did not heed the continual warnings about the damage the topic could do to her career. Instead, she spoke about her experiences and challenges as a leader in the corporate world from the view of a woman, especially as one of the few of her gender to reach the top leadership level in her field.

Since Sheryl pointed out the elephant in the boardroom, it is a topic that society seems to be open to discussing more than ever before, yet the glass ceiling has not been shattered.  A few of Sheryl’s TEDTalk questions remain relevant, including “How do we change these numbers at the top? How do we make this different?”


Announcing Series Highlighting Region's Women Leaders

TEDxSacramento, a licensed local TEDx organization, is proud to continue this conversation with a new series of blog posts highlighting five women leaders in the Sacramento region and their expanding leadership positions in their industries.

We hope that you, the reader of this blog, whether male or female, will use their stories as sources of inspiration for the continual growth of strong female leadership in the Capitol Region.

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