"An Evening of Urban Celebration" 


On Friday, October 12, we will have "An Evening of Urban Celebration" (a TEDxSacramento Salon Event) during which we will celebrate ideas that are eminating from and having an impact on our very own city. The evening will include live musical performances, a live speaker session, a selection of TEDTalks, and our very first "Action Pitch Audition", during which our attendees get to help select people to pitch their ideas from the main stage on Saturday.

07:00-07:30 REGISTRATION (the Crocker Art Museum)

07:30-09:30 SALON SESSION (the Crocker Art Museum)

09:30-11:00 MIX, MINGLE, AND MEET [the speakers] (The Grange Restaurant)



Interwoven with traces of urban life, heartbreak, bitter-sweet memories, and the stranger side of Americana, Jay's folk-pop songcraft gently persuades and then breaks your heart. Hailing from the Midwest and eventually landing in Northern California, Jay cut his teeth as a musician in the late 1990s hopping back and forth between open mic nights and playing guitar with whoever he could.  He went on to form three bands including the Ghosts of California, Infinite Martini, and the Cowboy Killers.  In 2008, he produced and performed on a compilation called "Last Day of Summer Sessions," featuring various Midtown Sacramento artists.  During this time, Jay also released two solo efforts, "Heavy Early" and "Best Laid Plans," and is set to release his third full length EP, "Ruth," in October 2012.  "Ruth" is a culmination of Jay's progress and journey as a producer, engineer, songwriter and guitar player. He currently plays guitar in the band 50-Watt Heavy, and is preparing to tour in support of the release of "Ruth". 


Shawn Pittard is a poet and an environmental planner. He is the author of two collections of poetry, Standing in the River, winner of Tebot Bach's 2010 Clockwise Competition, and These Rivers from Rattlesnake Press. 

Clemon Charles is a singer and a songwriter. Born in Barbados, the island culture and music remains a powerful influence in his life and work.


MEG ARNOLD, Our Next Economy

Meg Arnold has had two careers so far, each about ten years long.  In the most recent decade, she has worked to support and foster the growth and success of entrepreneur and emerging growth technology companies in the Sacramento area, first at UC Davis and currently at the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA).  In the course of that work, she has come to be a strong believer in a few key ingredients: the need for true, trust-based collaboration; the value of lessons learned through failure; and the critical role that a real sense of community among like-minded enterprises plays in creating and underscoring successes. In the first decade of her career, Meg worked in corporate strategy and business development in the telecommunications industry, with AT&T in Canada and with British Telecom in the UK, as well as with the Royal Bank of Canada as a lender to telecom companies, and with The Monitor Company as a management consultant to the industry. Meg has an undergraduate degree in English, which enables her to speak and write in complete sentences, and a master’s in business, which enables her to add up numbers using complex spreadsheet models.

HARLEY WHITE, JR., Low End Theorism

The Harley White Jr Orchestra does it the old fashioned way, presenting classic live entertainment with a swagger and style that harkens back to the good old days. A Sacramento-based Big Band specializing in Prohibition Jazz and Blues reflective of the 1920's-1950's, The Harley White Jr. Orchestra was founded in 1991 by musician & composer Harley White Jr., and presents a highly refined yet free flowing exploration of true musicality and celebration of the genres they present. An award winning jazz orchestra and fixture of the Northern California jazz and blues scene, The Harley White Jr Orchestra continues to expand its breadth and capacity with every performance, leaving audiences swooning with memories of the past infused with each seasoned musician's contemporary energy and flair.

JIM BROWN, Bicycling Helps Us Care About Our Communities

Jim is a longtime Sacramentan and a writer-editor who works for the California Bicycle Coalition and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

SHAWN HARRISON, The Edible City 

Shawn Harrison is the founder and co-director of Soil Born Farms, an urban organic farming and education center located in Sacramento, CA. Through its urban farms and associated programs, Soil Born Farms works to create a more sustainable and equitable food system for the Sacramento region. Shawn’s work in organic agriculture and in the development of sustainable food systems began in 1993. He is accredited in Ecological Agriculture, holds an M.S. degree in International Agriculture Development from U.C. Davis and is the recent recipient of Valley Vision’s Regional Environmental Legacy Award.

TEDTalk Videos:

JAMES KUNSTLER, How Bad Architecture Ruined Cities

James Howard Kunstler may be the world’s most outspoken critic of suburban sprawl. He believes the end of the fossil fuels era will soon force a return to smaller-scale, agrarian communities -- and an overhaul of the most destructive features of postwar society.

EDUARDO PAES, The 4 Commandments of Cities

Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, a sprawling, complicated, beautiful city of 6.5 million. He shares four big ideas about leading Rio -- and all cities -- into the future, including bold (and do-able) infrastructure upgrades and how to make a city "smarter."

Mayor Eduardo Paes is on a mission to ensure that Rio's renaissance creates a positive legacy for all its citizens.