Become a Changemaker Fellow

We are excited to announce the return of TEDxSacramento's Changemaker Fellowship in 2016. The Fellowship will be awarded to a Sacramento community member whose work in the community and ideas worth sharing represent "What's Next" in the Sacramento region and/or beyond.

The Fellowship is available to any citizen of Sacramento, from an artist, to a school teacher, to a CEO. The candidates will be chosen based upon the strength of their idea and their work supporting this idea.

The application is open starting today and ends February X, 2016. On February X we will announce 10 finalists. The finalists will then need to submit an X-minute video of their idea by February x. Winners will be announced on February x.

Winners will be awarded:

The opportunity to give a short talk at our February 12 TEDx event. 

That's right. Pitch your idea to 2,000+ community leaders, thought leaders, and fellow change makers at our largest event ever, happening February 12 at the Sacramento Community Center Theater.

Access to and support from our community of more than 15,000.

Your talk will be recorded and broadcast to our community via our email and social media outlets. We will ask our community to commit to help support your cause throughout the upcoming year.

Access to our global community.

Our talks receive approximately half a million annual views by individuals around the globe. Your talk will be posted to TED's TEDx Youtube channel as well as to the TEDx section of the main TED website. As with our primary speakers at the event, your talk will be given consideration for posting to the front page of TED.


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Tell us your big idea in one sentence.
Tell us your big idea in one paragraph in five sentences
THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. 1. You need to record yourself giving a two minute pitch. Don't worry about video quality (you can just use your computer cam). Put your energy into clearly and concisely communicating your idea. 2. Upload your video to youtube and publish it. 3. Put the link in the field below.